Sample Strings

The Sample Strings preference stores short pieces of text—sample strings—that can quickly be inserted into Edit View to review and edit glyphs. Sample strings are organized into groups. Click the plus  button to add a group, and click the minus  button to delete the selected group.

Each sample string is written on a separate line in the text field to the right. The text field is Unicode-savvy and accepts all diacritic marks and non-ASCII characters. Write \n (a backslash followed by a lowercase n) to include a line break in a sample string. Specify a glyph by typing its character or writing / (a forward slash) followed by the glyph name and a space character. This is useful for glyphs without a Unicode value or glyphs that are difficult to type. If multiple glyph names follow each other, the space character may be omitted. Use /Placeholder to insert a glyph that mirrors the currently selected glyph.

So, to write ¡Hola followed by a placeholder glyph, !, then a new line, and the text second line write the following line of text into the field:

/exclamdown Hola /Placeholder/exclam\nsecond line

Click the Default button to reset all sample strings to the default values and delete all custom groups.

See Entering Text: Sample Strings to find out more about the use of sample strings.