Feature Code

Glyphs extends the AFDKO feature syntax with a number of additional capabilities.

  1. Tokens

    Inserting dynamic values into feature code.

  2. Conditional Feature Code

    Writing feature code specifically for static or variable exports.

  3. Variable GPOS

    Making positioning code variable.

  4. Deleting Glyphs

    Deleting glyphs from the glyph stream.

  5. Standalone Lookups

    Defining reusable lookups inside of features.

  6. Optional Closing Lookup Name

    Reducing repetition when defining lookups.

  7. Multiple Languages Syntax

    Simplifying non-default language code.

  8. Multiple Substitution With Classes

    Using glyph classes in one-to-many substitutions.

  9. Lookup Flags

    Resetting lookup flags without working with indices.