Importing Font Data

Importing Outlines

File → Import → Outlines… imports PDF, EPS, or SVG files as outlines. In Font View, multiple files can be selected and imported into the glyphs with a matching name (for example, A.pdf into A and comma.svg into comma). If no glyph exists for the file, Glyphs prompts to create a matching glyph or ignore the file.

Click OK to skip the file, or Add Glyph to add a new glyph matching the filename to the font and import the outlines into it.

In Edit View, File → Import → Outlines… imports a single file into the current glyph.

Vector paths stored in the file are imported as glyph outlines. Only outlines are kept; the fill color and other styles are discarded. For PDF files, the stroke thickness is imported as a stroke style.

See Vector Drawing Applications for information on importing outlines with copy and paste.

Importing Metrics

Glyphs can import the spacing and kerning of a master from Metrics and AFM files (both of which can be exported from Glyphs, see Exporting Metrics) and from Glyphs and UFO files.

In Font View, choose File → Import → Metrics… to import metrics into the currently open Glyphs file. Select a file and click Import, then an import dialog will appear:

Depending on the selected file, one of the two import dialogs on the right is shown. Left: Metrics or AFM file. Right: Glyphs or UFO file.

Select whether to import kerning values and kerning classes with the respective checkboxes. When importing metrics from a Glyphs file, kerning values are not supported. Import kerning values from one Glyphs file into another by copying and pasting them in the Kerning window (Window → Kerning, Cmd-Opt-K, see Kerning Window for details).

Importing from a Metrics for AFM file offers controls for glyph metrics in addition to kerning. Check Import Metrics to choose from one of four import modes:

Automatic alignment is disabled for components where the metric values deviate from those derived from automatic alignment, unless Keep Aligned Components is checked. Metrics are imported for all glyphs by default. Check Selected Glyphs to import metrics only for the selected glyphs or all glyphs if none are selected.

Importing Feature Files

File → Import → Features… imports OpenType features written in the AFDKO feature language. Select a file ending in .fea and click Import to add the contained features to File → Font Info… → Features. See Features for details on OpenType features.