Add an image by dragging it from Finder onto a glyph cell. The image will be added to the currently active layer. Alternatively, choose Glyph → Add Image… to insert an image file to the selected glyph.

Add images to multiple glyphs at once by choosing Glyph → Add Image… and then selecting multiple image files. The images will be placed on the layer of the current master of the glyphs that correspond to an image name. For example, Thorn.png is added to the glyph Thorn, and Dje-cy.jpeg is added to Dje-cy.

Note that while glyph names are case-sensitive (A is different from a), file names on macOS are case-insensitive by default (A.png is considered the same file name as a.png). Uppercase and lowercase files thus cannot coexist in the same folder. As a workaround, place images for uppercase letters in a different folder than lowercase letters.

Images are shown in Font View when View → Show Image is selected. If a glyph is empty (no paths or components are placed in the glyph), the image is displayed regardless of the Show Image option. See Edit View: Images for information on working with images in Edit View.