Font View

Font View provides an overview of all glyphs of a font. It is displayed when a new Glyphs file is created. If multiple tabs are open, jump to Font View by clicking the leftmost tab or pressing Cmd-Opt-1.

  1. Viewing Glyphs

    Grid View and List View.

  2. Managing the Glyph Set

    Adding, copying, pasting, and deleting glyphs.

  3. Glyph Properties

    The name, Unicode values, tags, and other glyph properties.

  4. Names & Unicode

    Naming glyphs and associating other properties by name.

  5. Batch-Processing

    Selecting, renaming, and modifying multiple glyphs at once.

  6. Filtering Font View

    Viewing a subset of glyphs.

  7. Glyph Order

    The order in which glyphs are listed and exported.

  8. Images

    Adding reference images to glyphs.