Shape Order

Shape Order dialog window:

One column per master/alternate/intermediate layer. Drag to reorder shapes within a column. The insertion position is highlighted in blue.

The Shape Order filter lists all shapes (paths and components) of a glyph across all layers. Paths are shown in navy blue; components in brown. Each column lists the shapes of a master/alternate/intermediate layer. Click and drag a shape to reorder it within its column. Confirm the chosen shape order with OK, or revert to the original shape order with Cancel.

Columns are separated by a gray gutter if there are multiple independent interpolations for the glyph. That might be the case when using intermediate layers or when employing a complex master setup (for example, when condensed masters interpolate independently of extended masters).

The Shape Order filter is useful when Path → Correct Path Directions for all Masters (Cmd-Opt-Shift-R) does not yield the desired master compatibility.