Hatch Outline

Filter → Hatch Outline creates hatched glyphs. The following parameters are configurable:


Defines the origin point (X and Y coordinates) where the hatching pattern begins.

Step Width

The distance between the strokes.


The angle at which the strokes are drawn. 0° is horizontal, 90° is vertical.

Offset Path

The thickness of the strokes. Disable this option to create open paths instead (which may be useful in combination with other filters or plug-ins).

The custom parameter rule is as follows:

HatchOutlineFilter; OriginX:X; OriginY:Y; StepWidth:Distance; Angle:Angle; Offset:Offset

The arguments are all optional and can be written in any order. If left out, the argument of an option will assume its default value. For instance, for strokes, a thickness of 5 inclined at a 40° angle and placed at every 20 units:

HatchOutlineFilter; StepWidth:20; Angle:40; Offset:5

The hatch origin will default to X = 0, Y = 0.