Filter → Extrude will create a solid shadow offset for the shape of the glyph. The following parameters are configurable:


Controls the length of the shadow in font units.


The direction of the extrusion in counterclockwise degrees from a right horizontal stretch.

Don’t Subtract

By default, the original shape will be subtracted from the extruded shape. Suppress such a subtraction by enabling this option.

From left to right:

1 normal glyph
2 standard extrude
3 composition of 1 and 2
4 Don’t subtract enabled

The custom parameter rule is as follows:

Extrude; Offset; Angle; Don’t Subtract

For example, to offset by 100 units at an angle of −30 degrees:

Extrude; 100; -30

Don’t Subtract is disabled by default. Enable the option by setting its value to 1:

Extrude; 100; -30; 1