Built-in Filters

  1. Shape Order

    Inspecting and changing the order of shapes across layers.

  2. Extrude

    Creating 3D effects by extruding paths.

  3. Hatch Outline

    Filling outlines with stripes.

  4. Offset Curve

    Offsetting the outlines of paths and converting paths to stroked outlines.

  5. Roughen

    Distorting outlines by dividing them into rough segments.

  6. Round Corners

    Rounding outwards or inwards pointing corners.

  7. Rounded Font

    Rounding the ends of stems.

  8. Transformations

    Transforming the metrics and outlines of glyphs.

  9. Add Extremes

    Adding nodes on path extrema.

  10. Remove Overlap

    Combining overlapping paths into a single path.