Use batch-processing operations to make changes to one or multiple glyphs at once.

Selecting Glyphs

Batch-processing commands operate on all selected glyphs. Select all glyphs currently shown in Font View by choosing Edit → Select All (Cmd-A). Choose Edit → Deselect All (Cmd-Opt-A) to cancel the selection. Edit → Invert Selection (Cmd-Opt-Shift-I) selects only the glyphs that are currently unselected. Inverting the selection is useful to select all glyphs, except for a few exceptions: Select the exceptions first and then invert the selection.

Batch Commands

The following commands from the Glyph and Path menus are applied to all selected glyphs. Commands with an asterisk (*) can be applied to all masters at once by holding down the Option key.

Batch-Renaming Glyphs

Rename glyphs by searching and replacing parts of glyph names. Select the glyphs for which parts of their name should be replaced, choose Edit → Find → Find and Replace… (Cmd-Shift-F), and enter the text to be replaced in the Find field. Then, enter the replacement in the Replace field and confirm by clicking Replace. The Replace text will replace all occurrences of the Find text in any of the selected glyph names. Leave the Find field empty to append the Replace text to all selected glyph names. Select the Regex checkbox to enable regular expression matching. Regular expressions can find and replace patterns of characters.

See Regular Expressions for details.


Filters can be applied to all selected glyphs from Font View. See Filters for details on how to apply filters.


Many of the controls in the Palette (Cmd-Opt-P) can be used from Font View. Both Fit Curve and Transformations operations can be applied to all selected glyphs. Palette sections provided by third-party plug-ins may also allow batch editing in Font View. Controls that do not operate on the entire glyph but only the selected nodes (such as Fit Curve) use the selection set in Edit View. See Palette for details on the individual Palette sections.

Plug-ins & Scripts

Some plug-ins and scripts can be applied to all selected glyphs at once. Refer to their documentation for guidance on batch editing.